Samsung Sings about Sustainability

It’s been a long and serious week, and SustainingPeople wants to give you a global giggle to get you ready for the weekend.

Samsung US has just released its latest Sustainability report, and to make the salient points easier to digest, the tech giant decided to rap about it, employing the services of renowned (not really) US born/Korean raised rapper, Mad Clown.

Yes that’s right. The one and only Mad Clown is rapping about sustainability for Samsung. Reports are flying off the internet about whether or not Mad Clown has ‘sold out’, whilst others have stuck by the zero-time award Aria Award winning artist, saying his ‘sick beats’ have stayed true to his style and breaking it down is what ‘dat mad fool is all about’. Whatever your opinion on Mad Clown’s ability to break it down or not, we can all agree that this attempt at connecting with Samsung’s younger audience is weird, and awkward and has probably made some little children cry somehow.

Whilst the video speaks about their 40% female employment, and focuses on disability inclusion and accessibility, it hasn’t really said much about the broader strategic goals and successes of the corporation. For that useful and necessary information, you need to see their actual Sustainability Report, which you can see here.

We wish Mad Clown all the best, and hope that he continues to keep it real. We also hope that Samsung does not seriously attempt this again. Stick to what you know Samsung.


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