What is socially responsible, 315m long, and very, very wet?


What a good looking question! What IS socially responsible, 315m long, and very, very wet? How about a giant waterslide set up in the very centre of the Perth CBD for one day, with bars, food stalls, music and entertainment? YES PLEASE!

It’s called SLIDESTREET, and Perth couldn’t be more excited! Based on UK artist Luke Jerram’s successful waterslide project on the streets of Bristol, the SLIDESTREET crew have decided to bring their extravaganza to Perth as the inaugural Australian showcase of their legendary pop-up event. Supported by the City of Perth, SLIDESTREET will be a commercial enterprise that will setup, launch, slip & slide, and then disappear all within 24 hours. Yes that’s right – it’s a fully sanctioned event for the people of Perth, not some crazy stunt for youtube! The superslide (as long as two footy fields for those of you playing at home) will take over the west end of St George’s Terrace on Sunday 14th December. The event will start at 8AM and run through to 9PM.

A two-year-old Pug named Bentley rides a wave at the 4th annual Helen Woodward Animal Center "Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon" at dog beach in Del Mar
sorry Mr Pug, no dogs allowed…

So we can all agree that waterslides are pretty rad, especially when they let you slide through the central business district, however SustainingPeople can’t remember any that have been particularly socially responsible. Sure the slides at water parks have lifeguards, but that doesn’t really count. SLIDESTREET has gone that extra mile (as new and innovative organisations often do), and made sure their impact on the Perth community is minimised.

SLIDESTREET has announced that it will be implementing a Water Wise policy, in the interests of managing the issue of water conservation that plays a big part in our state’s ecosystem. They have decided on a “water reuse and repurpose strategy”, that essentially goes as follows:


The water will be purchased from the Water Corporation, and monitored in accordance with Health Department regulations. Once the event has finished, the water (equivalent of 300 showers) will be given to Gateway WA, a billion dollar state infrastructure project that will use the water for construction purposes – specifically in their current Perth Airport and Freight Access Projects.

Fun in the sun AND social responsibility? What could be better than that? Tickets to the event that’s what! And speaking of tickets, they go on sale Friday 28th November (THAT’S TODAY) AT 9:00AM WST (Perth time) from the SLIDESTREET TICKET PAGE.

Congrats SLIDESTREET and the City of Perth on what promises to be a fantastic and unique event. Look forward to seeing you there!


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