Why Grill’d Burgers are good for the community


Here’s another gourmet fast food joint that is getting involved in community affairs, and has been doing so for quite a while. Grill’d is a burger joint that we all know and love across the country (except for NT & Tasmania sorry!), and their Local Matters program lets customers decide which community groups Grill’d will donate $500 to each month. Using a simple voting system (you get a bottle cap token with every burger purchased), customers can choose from one of three different local organisations each month and pop their token in the jar.

$500 may not seem a whole lot, but when you realise that it is $500 per store, then it actually ends up being a sizeable donation pool that Grill’d gives nationally each month. Supported organisations are chosen based on specific projects through an application process each month, and are generally picked if they are smaller, less well known and actually have some difficulty in raising funds themselves. The $500 is split between all three chosen groups ($300/$100/$100) so no-one goes home empty handed.


Grill’d has done well here, aligning their food with local philanthropy. The old saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” comes to mind, as they are aligning their delicious products and branding with a socially responsible strategy, and with what people care about most in their community. What’s more, the monthly refresh of organisations supported, means that customers will want to return each month to see if they  can support an organisation with an appealing mission or project; it’s also a way of getting new customers on board as certainly those who will choose Grill’d over competitors so as to specifically support a particular organisation.

Hungry yet? We are…

Keep up the good work Grill’d, and make sure that if you haven’t had one of their tasty burgers yet, nip on down and stuff your face full of delicious savoury treats I MEAN give back to your local community….

Also, it’s friday – treat yourself! DO IT NOW.

mmmmmm…..burgerrrssss aaarrrggghhhhhh………..



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