Google’s new space-age city is the coolest office ever

Google is designing new headquarters, and they are going to be amazing. This film (above) talks about the architects’ ongoing design process, which is focused on developing sustainable innovation and creating a more community minded space for California’s Silicon Valley residents to live, work and play.

Whilst just a short film, this piece illustrates why innovation and collaboration is so important to create a sustainable movement. As the film says, Google is a $389.5 Billion company – one so immense that it touches and affects almost every aspect of life in the Valley – so it is the logical next step for Google to bring their community and environmental mission into the physical space, and lead one of the world’s foremost innovation hubs into a greener and more sustainable future.


Take a look at this discussion between Architects Bjarke Ingels and Thomas Heatherwick, and find out how they will turn a competitive and somewhat cutthroat environment into a collaborative, open and accessible community that nurtures the MountainView community and restores the surrounding environments.


There are lessons for Australian businesses to learn here about design, energy management, and reducing your carbon footprint, but the underlying commentary is that the physical space has a huge impact on work and innovation. It would be really interesting to see what our Australian innovators could create in spaces like this; how long will it be before we see momentum and leadership in our local companies to drive sustainable development here in Australia?

Hopefully that day isn’t too far distant, but until then, SustainingPeople will look to MountainView California, and dream about tomorrow.

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