Six April Fools 2015 gags to make you giggle

April Fools Day is great fun, and in honour of this year’s pranksters, here are six of the best green gags from around the world.

1. Jeremy Clarkson got behind fossil fuel divestment.

A long-term presenter of BBC’s Top Gear series until he got fired last week, Jeremy Clarkson has always been a petrol head unconcerned with the effects of fossil fuels. Top Gear viewers got a big surprise when they read this Guardian Newspaper article saying that being fired from the program had been a big wake-up call for Clarkson, and that he would now be supporting the fossil fuel divestment movement. Come on guys AS IF!

2. New LED Lightbulbs powered by ‘positive vibes’.

Enough said. Did you know that gullible isn’t in the dictionary? Good work Ambience Lighting!

3. California is shipping in snow to manage drought.

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Awesome sustainability and green design news website inhabitat, posted a number of great April Fools articles, one of which noted that the Californian government had earmarked a portion of its billion dollar drought management scheme to truck snow from the east coast to the dry and dusty sunshine state. It was initially thought of as a good idea, until people realised that the snow would probably melt on the drive over. Also, you know, it’s ridiculous. They would clearly bring it by sea freight…

4. McDonalds cancelled their enviro projects.

happy meal

‘…McDonald’s announced this morning that it would discontinue plans for a worldwide composting initiative after scientists confirmed that no item on the McDonald’s menu is compostable…’. This headline from a Grist article on April 1st, made huge headlines, because it touched a nerve that many people already felt: Not only is maccas bad for you, but their food doesn’t even decompose. The response to this story turned into a huge awareness campaign about what exactly McDonalds is doing to manage its environmental and sustainable development impact. You can read the full story here.

5. Bill Shorten’s ‘An Onion A Day’ Healthcare Policy.

On ya Bill! People are like onions Bill, they have many layers. We’re wondering how many people decided to try an onion for themselves in preparation for the policy change?

 6. Google ‘Actual Cloud’ Platform

Google announced their transition from the virtual cloud, to actual clouds, fooling people with a data management system that would float in the troposphere, powered by electrical energy of thunderstorms. If they could get the technology right, it might not be such a bad idea – powered by clean energy with very little carbon footprint. Keep dreaming google!

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