Wild Onesie Week will raise more than eyebrows

Here’s something that is as wonderfully silly as it sounds. From June 1st, Aussies will raise money for WWF by wearing onesies to work.

Now to answer your questions, when we say WWF, we mean this:

World Wildlife Fund…if you were confused at all…

and maaaaaaybe this:                           but definitely NOT this:

WWF Panda             WWF

And by “onesies” we mean this:


but probably not this:                              and OH GOD PLEASE NOT THIS:

1920_002            250616

Well now that we understand each other, let’s get on with it.

WWF Australia is launching its #wildonesie: Wild Onesie Week campaign from the 1st to the 5th of June is encouraging the general public to ‘raise more than eyebrows’ by wearing an animal onesie to work, raising much needed funds to help protect endangered native species. By wearing an animal onesie, participants would encourage awareness and gain sponsorship from friends, family and coworkers towards a campaign fundraising target of $150,000.

The inaugural campaign took place in 2014 with 1,200 Australians taking part and creating awareness of 4.5 million impressions across social media – not to mention raising over $115,000 for WWF’s conservation work!

This is a somewhat different tack from an organisation that in the past has used fairly serious and hard hitting advertising campaigns to emotionally connect with audiences, like this graphic below campaigning against illegal exotic animal trade.


Instead of tapping into the general malaise of Australian society with their dark and guilt-inspiring campaigns, WWF is drawing on the positive aspects of community, leadership and childhood delight and overlaying them on top of serious, professional adult workplaces. GENIUS.

What could be better, and more memorable than seeing your colleagues in something other than a suit or a uniform? Seeing them in an animal onesie? YOU BET! Whilst creating awareness for environmental conservation it promotes social inclusion and peer-bonding in the workplace; this is often a difficult culture to engender in a professional space. A day-long (or even week-long) event like this breaks down barriers between various levels of heirarchy within an organisation; makes senior managers more approachable and open to discussion; and sometimes gives meeker employees the courage and confidence to step forward and contribute to problem solving and suggest ideas for more efficient workplace development.

All of these things combined improve efficiency and productivity, whilst also contributing to corporate social responsibility initiatives; this means greater social cohesion; stronger employee-alignment with organisational values and vision; and ultimately greater staff and knowledge retention.


Sound good? All you have to do is encourage your staff and/or colleagues to step outside the box, buy an animal onesie (or get one of your many existing ones out of the cupboard), and get comfortable at work!

If you would like to know more, you can find information on Facebook, via the WWF Website, on Twitter or Instagram using #wildonesie.

PS – if you are so totally stoked about onesies like we are, check out this suit-onesie (Suitsy) which you could totally get away with at work. IMAGINE THE SATISFACTION AND COMFORT!!!! Sigh……….

Comments? Questions? Queries? Let me know what you think!

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