Ideas are great, but timing is everything

Here’s another really interesting TED Talk that will get budding entrepreneurs thinking: Ideas are great, but timing is everything.

Bill Gross is an American ideas man – he founded IdeaLab and helped to create and Snap! search engine tech platforms. His experience in entrepreneurship and developing startups is immense and he’s helped many ideas become global companies.

In this talk Bill discusses (using case studies) the idea that timing affects success more than anything else. Watch his TED Talk and then see if it applies to your start-up. Many sustainable/social enterprise start-ups find it difficult to reach a wide enough audience, but if you are able to time it right and piggyback on the success or technological developments of others, you are able to nurture stronger and longer lasting growth patterns.

For this to even be a possibility you need to be aware of a few things:

  • Understand the wider [insert sector here] landscape
  • Know what other compatible technologies are in development
  • Network until the cows come home

If you become familiar with these factors you will be more likely to recognise the market’s ebbs/flows, and the entrants that are going to make a splash. If you make sure you are well connected and understand the bigger picture you can make your choices at the right time, and ensure your success. Of course, get it wrong and you could ride SMACK into a pole!