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SustainingPeople’s year in review

SP Cover

2014 is almost over, and here at SustainingPeople we’ve been absolutely humbled by a following of over 500 people in 59 countries around the world! Thank you all for your support – we truly appreciate your interest, and your comments throughout the year have enabled us to bring higher quality information for your digestion. And, given that 500 followers is somewhat of a milestone, we’ve decided to give our little corner of the internet a small facelift – more of nice spa treatment really – some touch ups here and there, with the most noticeable being a new logo and feature image. The photo was taken by a local artist, and friend of SustainingPeople, Tom Rodgers. It depicts the Stirling Ranges in Western Australia in all their glory, and you can see more of his fantastic work at the Tom Rodgers Photography website. Continue reading SustainingPeople’s year in review

100 new casualties of the RET

Whilst not the first casualty of Australia’s energy policy quagmire, the 100 jobs lost at Keppel Prince – a sustainable engineering company in Victoria – is perhaps the largest that Australia has seen so far. Due to the cost associated with scrapping the RET, Keppel Prince is no longer able to support its Wind Farm division, which has no incoming projects after November 2014. The Greens have labelled it “a tragic day for clean energy and for the workers involved”. Continue reading 100 new casualties of the RET

Energy Quality vs Quantity: Why coal is restraining our economy

An actuarial study just released by the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) reports that moving away from fossil fuel investments “could cost a 45-year-old almost $58,000 in lost retirement savings“. In recent months, many institutional investors have announced a move away from coal investments in favour of clean energy portfolios, and it seems that the Minerals Council and its Chief Executive Brendan Pearson are using this report to continue the onslaught against a culture of change and sustainable development. Continue reading Energy Quality vs Quantity: Why coal is restraining our economy

Climate change satire to get you through the end of the week


Since the repeal of the Carbon Tax and the debate around the Renewables Energy Target the future of Australia’s energy seems more and more uncertain every day. With this in mind, and given that it is friday, Sustaining People would like to lighten your load with some good old fashioned satire from our friends at The Shovel.

The Shovel has an alternative to our future energy problems and it’s hilarious. Read the article after the jump and enjoy the rest of your friday!

Renewable Target: 20% Of Australia’s Electricity To Be Powered By Burning Scientific Reports – The Shovel.

Securing Australia’s Energy Future


Last week Sustaining People attended the United Nations Association of Australia’s Conference on Securing Australia’s Energy Future. Facilitated by Kane Thornton of the Clean Energy Council, Continue reading Securing Australia’s Energy Future