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Harrison Ford is The Ocean


Last week we talked about Leonardo DiCaprio’s short environmental films, and now it seems Harrison Ford is joining the voice-over gang. Whilst no one will ever be able to measure up to David Attenborough, and then Morgan Freeman as reigning monarchs of the soundbyte, Mr Ford does a pretty darn good job of it.

I Am The Ocean, produced by Conservation International for the Nature is Speaking campaign is a short film where Harrison Ford narrates – no – IS the ocean. The dark and somewhat threatening quality of his gravelly chocolate voice suits the tone of this film which speaks of the all consuming power of the oceans and how life on earth depends on it’s very depths to sustain it. A strong environmental message that speaks of preserving our world before we have nothing left to pass on to the next generation.

The Ocean – sorry, I mean Mr Ford – leaves us with “nature doesn’t need people, people need nature”. Thought provoking stuff. With this, the second film from Nature is Speaking, Ford joins a host of other celebrity narrators speaking for our planet: Continue reading Harrison Ford is The Ocean

Leonardo DiCaprio’s new movies stir up a storm


If you haven’t already seen it, here’s a series of new films narrated by Leonardo Di Caprio. We all saw him speak at the UN Climate Summit in September this year, as a UN Messenger of Peace, however Leo has been busy doing much more to change the hearts and minds of people everywhere. His own not-for-profit, the Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation has been protecting Earth’s last wild places and implementing solutions that create a harmonious relationship between humanity and the natural world” since 1998. Continue reading Leonardo DiCaprio’s new movies stir up a storm

United Nations Climate Summit 2014


The UN Climate Summit is happening today in New York. Yesterday more than 30,000 people attended the Climate March in Melbourne. People all over the world marched in protest over government inaction on climate change ahead of the Summit, creating a bigger global awareness of the issues we all face. Unfortunately our Prime Minister Tony Abbot is “not able” to attend, due to ‘scheduling conflicts’. Given that the majority of world leaders are meeting today to focus on the future of a sustainable planet, Sustaining People hopes Tony Abbot’s inaction  doesn’t leave Australia flailing in the dust.

Check out the official UN Climate Summit 2014 page for news as it happens. Watch this space over the next few days for news on the Summit’s progress.