Sustaining People Expands & DIY Sustainability

Sustaining People has put together some more resources for readers to assist in making changes to their operations. The Videos & Podcasts page will have discussions by prominent experts from around the world about Sustainable Development and the state of CSR in our world, and the Resources & Tools page will have a number of documents to inform and assist you in changing the world around you. Look forward to your suggestions and comments!!!


In conversation a few days ago, a friend was excitedly discussing how his proposal to move to a paperless client updating system was being considered at the higher levels of his company – a national organisation. This initiative was designed to generate operational savings and increase client engagement, but if instituted it would allow for sustainable returns to the company; going paperless would cut down the organisation’s carbon footprint. Enabling sustainability as a function of competitive strategy is the key to long term progressive development.

Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability is often thought of as a non-essential function, one that acts as a support function within an organisation, rather than a process to improve upon existing operations and systems. The Australian business community has been slowly moving towards business integration rather than having stand-alone Sustainability department. Large national or multinational companies often need a separate department to push through integration, but for the mid and small sized organisations, this isn’t an effective option.

Sustaining People believes we can all make a difference, by integrating sustainability initiatives into our traditional daily roles. Like our friend Gill, perhaps we could all take a look around our offices to see how we could make incremental changes.

Comments? Questions? Queries? Let me know what you think!

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