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SumoSalad & Vinnies: Heating the streets this winter

How good is this! SumoSalad has teamed up with Vinnies this winter, to provide hot meals to the homeless across Australia. Continue reading SumoSalad & Vinnies: Heating the streets this winter

LGTBI professional networking events hit WA

A new LGBTI professional networking event has landed in Perth, the first of its kind to support WA’s gay & lesbian business community. Continue reading LGTBI professional networking events hit WA

Tesla unveils PowerWall home battery system

Tesla has just announced the future of energy storage – stationary battery modules to power homes and industry with clean energy. Continue reading Tesla unveils PowerWall home battery system

How to embed CSR on a shoestring

Big companies have the financial flexibility to implement big CSR programs. But what about the little guys? For small to mid-sized Continue reading How to embed CSR on a shoestring

World Bank ups the stakes on Sustainability Reporting


So the World Bank, in line with the United Nation’s Millenium Development Goals has the twin goals of ending extreme poverty and boosting shared properity. More recently this has included a stronger focus on environmental and social sustainability, which has resulted in a newly released set of global reporting indicators to assist in reading their 2014 Sustainability Review. Continue reading World Bank ups the stakes on Sustainability Reporting

And Now for Something Completely Different

This time of year is Christmas time for many of us, and here at SustainingPeople, we love nothing more than sitting back with our loved ones, and eating all manner of delicious treats. We understand that it’s now after Christmas and that we should’ve stopped eating, however that is no fun at all so we are still inhaling turkey and fruit mince pies. It is in this food induced delirium, that we have decided to take a break from our normal content to bring you something rather silly and completely unrelated: Dogs at a christmas Dinner Party.

So in the name of the festive season and in giving our poor writers a break, please enjoy the above short christmassy film about 12 dogs, and one cat enjoying all the trappings of a lovely Christmas Dinner.




Sustaining People expands to Twitter @sustainppl

Twitter Capture

Guess what!?! Sustaining People is now live on Twitter, using the handle @sustainppl.

Whilst we will continue to serve up regular weekly articles and posts about the state of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in Australia, Twitter will give us stronger functionality in linking our readers to events and articles as they happen.

Sustaining People is excited to be expanding its operations as it will allow us to bring you heaps of content in different and more accessible ways. If you would like to follow us search for @sustainppl on Twitter and get plugged in!

Thanks again for all your support readers, Sustaining People will continue to bring you useful and interesting content. If you have any questions and comments, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Zambrero plates up success


Not long ago, Sustaining People discussed the community engagement work being done by Kellog with their Breakfast for Better Days program. Another company that is following suit is the Australian Mexican fast food franchise Zambrero, with their Plate 4 Plate initiative. For each standard meal purchased, Zambrero donates one meal to someone in need through their international partner Stop Hunger Now which to date has provided over 160 million meals in 65 countries. Continue reading Zambrero plates up success

Churches, superfunds & universities search for greener investment pastures


Australian superannuation giant Hesta has announced it will be restricting its investments in thermal coal operations. “This ‘unburnable carbon’ is likely to become an increasing risk in the medium to long term, especially for companies heavily invested in thermal coal, or those seeking to develop new long-term assets” said Chief Executive Officer Anne-Marie Corbuoy in a statement on Friday.

Hesta, a fund representing 785,000 members and 155,000 employers in the health and community services sectors, is one of few institutional investors accounting significantly for climate change impacts on their long term investments. Not only has the $29 billion superfund decided to limit its direct association with thermal coal projects, it has announced that it will not invest in any newly listed companies that derive more than 15% of revenue from exploration or production of thermal coal.

With a focus on environmental risk, Hesta has now joined a number of national and international organisations that have recently been looking at a long term boycott of fossil fuel investments, in order to mitigate their own carbon footprint. Surprisingly, it is religious organisations that are taking a lead in this strategy. Continue reading Churches, superfunds & universities search for greener investment pastures

Why is Atlassian the best place to work in Australia?

The best place to work in Australia

BRW’s Best Places To Work Awards have named Aussie tech startup Atlassian as the best place to work in Australia. Along with numerous employment package perks they have all the modern perks that the Google Offices and Facebook Offices have – games rooms, drinks fridges, food and a pool table. It is not these perks, however that are the main focus of their success; it’s the way that they engage their employees and value their input, above and beyond their responsibilities as employees. Continue reading Why is Atlassian the best place to work in Australia?