TED Talks About Sustainable Investment

In Sustaining People’s previous post Ethical Investment for Dummies, we discussed the role that ESG factors play in investment decisions, and the opportunities that can arise out of mitigating environmental, social and governance risk. Our daily snoop around the internet has taken us into the fascinating world of TED Talks, and we have found one from earlier in 2014 that discusses ESG risk in a very relatable way, talking about why it is so important for organisations to consider in the future.

Speaker Chris McNett is an advisor to investment and businesses in the US, and takes us on a journey into the minds of large investors. Chris reveals that institutional investors in particular, have the ability to influence markets and sustainability more than any actors on the global stage. Chris even gives a shout out to our very own Australian superfund Hesta, as one of the leading institutional investors that holds ESG performance as a key determinant of success in its portfolio. He tabulates some surprising figures and trends as well as projecting an optimistic investment outlook for the future of our global economy and expanding population.

An inspiring and humorous talk well worth the 12 minutes.

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