Does corporate social responsibility need marketing?

If you are looking for a great CSR resource, look no further than It is the blogging arm of the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ACCSR), and is a way of ACCSR staff providing up to date commentary on recent events and news in the CSR space.

The most recent post from last month talks about how marketing impacts CSR. The paper reflects the position of the Australian Marketing Institute’s White Paper entitled The Good, the Generous and the Galvanic – Marketing & Social Responsibility, which explains that marketing should play a much bigger part in the CSR process, given its mandate to (generally) contribute to strategy formulation and stakeholder communication.

The International Association of Volunteer Effort (IAVE) is discussing this issue at its annual conference on the Gold Coast in September. The ProBono Australia article reviewing the upcoming conference notes that the advent of social media has catapulted the value of marketing to new heights, and that organisations have to engage heavily with it to get traction with younger markets.

Hopefully these sorts of articles and White Papers will encourage discussion and lift discourse on the subject to senior levels; The ACCSR and ProBono Australia blogs do a great job of informing and supporting this and many other discussion, and hopefully we will continue to see more news and thought leadership from them.

Comments? Questions? Queries? Let me know what you think!

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