25 Inventions for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Science & Invention, November 1928. Volume 16 Number 7
Australian Science – is it still the way of the future?

Inventions have made our lives easier and more luxurious over the years, from the car phone to the watch-phone, but growing numbers of inventors are focusing on the future and how to make it better.

Today’s Courier Mail Online newspaper takes a look at 25 home-grown inventions and technological innovations that are helping not just Australians but the world. It looks at a number of products that are changing the way we manage sustainable development, but also those that will improve the way that humans interact in our increasingly overpopulated cities.

Australian technological research and development has made great contributions to Australia’s economy over the years, but the research and development component of federal spending is still very low compared to the normative levels of other OECD countries. 60% of Australia’s expenditure is in the tertiary education space, and has increased by 51% since the early 2000’s, leading the education R&D spends of the UK and Canada. Innovation and R&D expenditure is a lot lower in manufacturing and production industries, with Australian funding equalling less than a third of what is spent in the United States and the majority of Scandinavian countries. Additionally compared to the 10% corporate funding of R&D in Canada, Scandinavia and Western Europe, Australia bottoms out at 1.1% of contributions coming from the Australian business community.

Australia’s medical research and development is the real success story, with leading inventions like spray on skin and Cochlear implants, however the future of this innovative industry is uncertain. Healthcare groups are concerned that the Federal Government’s proposed $20 billion Medical Research Futures Fund may create a more disjointed scientific community, without producing greater economic advantages from commercialisation. “This is an opportunity to do things differently — to make a quantum change in what we do, not just an incremental change”. said Chief Scientist of Australia, Ian Chubb who believes there needs to be a greater focus on translating practical patient care solutions out of research finds.

Sustaining People hopes innovation, research and development will still remain a focus in Australia and allow us to lead the global community in preparing humanity for a more sustainable future.

Which current invention is changing you life? Read the full story here – 25 inventions, innovations, devices and research fields aiming to change your world for the better.

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