Why is Atlassian the best place to work in Australia?

The best place to work in Australia

BRW’s Best Places To Work Awards have named Aussie tech startup Atlassian as the best place to work in Australia. Along with numerous employment package perks they have all the modern perks that the Google Offices and Facebook Offices have – games rooms, drinks fridges, food and a pool table. It is not these perks, however that are the main focus of their success; it’s the way that they engage their employees and value their input, above and beyond their responsibilities as employees.

Atlassian co-founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar have attributed their staff cohesion and productivity to transparency and engagement between the executive branch, and every level of the organisation. Additionally, low bureaucracy around performance management and the right for employees to contribute to financial year plans allows each staff member to feel empowered and engaged in what the company is doing. This engagement is integral to organisational cohesion and encourages personal investment in the vision of the company.

For smaller organisations who don’t have the ability to remunerate at above-market levels, other creative forms of compensation must be considered. In these instances, loyalty is engendered through training and development, and allowing them to have real input into the operation of the company.

To find out what makes Atlassian such an attractive employer, and what other companies were recognised in the BRW awards, click here.

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