Pollinate Energy lights the way forward for Indian slums

A group of young Aussies have begin providing home solar energy to the slums of Bangalore. Meet Pollinate – a new force in solar energy.

In 2012, five Australian sustainability enthusiasts founded Pollinate Energy, after seeing the effects of the largest power-outage in the world in India, which left some 600 million people without electricity. After power was restored, the team saw that 300 million were still left without access to modern energy infrastructure; these were the urban poor – men, women and children living in the massive slums across India.

The Solution

Pollinate Energy is not just an energy tech provider, it is a social enterprise that it offers unique employment opportunities to those excluded from the labour market.


Currently in Australia there are around 20,000 social enterprises operating in a local, national or international context, and Pollinate has grown substantially since September 2012, employing a team of 16 across Australia and India, with operations set up in Bangalore, Hyderabad.


Nearly three years on, Pollinate has been recognised by Social Traders, a national body supporting social ventures across the country. Yesterday Social Traders announced the winners of the 2015 Australian Social Enterprise Awards, with Pollinate Energy taking out the ‘One To Watch’ Award, placing ahead of nominees Jeenee Mobile, Clean Care Cairns, Synergy Repairs and Substation 33.

Social Traders covers the social enterprise industry in Australia, along with Social Ventures Australia, which invests heavily in new start ups that provide employment for disadvantaged and out of work Australians.

What’s Next?

Pollinate Energy is a real up-and-comer, with national recognition, and support from the United Nations. Pollinate maintains a strict baseline survey process and continually monitors and evaluates their effect on the community and the wider environment.


They have had a massive impact so far, and are now kickstarting operations in Kolkota; to get going they are underway with a campaign to raise $50,000 to get the job done. They have already raised over $41,000 and have just under a month to reach their goal. You can donate to Pollenate’s Kolkota campaign by clicking here.

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