LGTBI professional networking events hit WA

A new LGBTI professional networking event has landed in Perth, the first of its kind to support WA’s gay & lesbian business community.

Held at the Terrace Hotel last night, the independent event saw a crowd of 30 professionals from around WA gather together to celebrate the diversity of Perth’s business community, and to acknowledge the role that LGBTI professionals play in WA’s economic development.

Supported and organised by staff from Curtin University, the event also encouraged discussion of issues that face LGBTI professionals in the WA community. “There are a lot of companies around Perth that have no support for LGBTI employees” said organiser Tim Wong, :”There’s a real gap in Perth’s business community that needs to be filled, and we hope we can make this happen”.

For many young LGBTI people, entering the workplace can be a source of anxiety over discrimination due to their sexuality. Although federal legislation and corporate guidelines prevent discrimination, some people still feel marginalised. LGBTI Perth hopes to give new (and existing) workforce participants an opportunity to gain support from other professionals, and to get a better understanding of how diversity in the workplace can make a big difference.

LGBTI Perth will be holding its second event on the 5th of August. If you would like to attend or know more, please contact Tim Wong at timothy.wong@curtin.edu.au.

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