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Why your dream job doesn’t need to happen right now


When we are young, or just asserting our independence as young adults, most of us envision that dream job, but it is far away, sitting on a pedestal out of reach. So we train, take on further study, and leap headlong into new experiences, hoping to quickly push through the barriers so we can live that dream.

For those of you looking to move into a career in CSR and/or sustainability in Australia, that dream can seem further out of reach; Australia’s sustainability and humanitarian sector is a good decade behind much of the developed world so the early opportunities afforded those in the US and across Europe aren’t as readily available down under.

So you start to lose hope. You take the only job that comes along, and suddenly that dream job seems further away. Where to now?

Well the old adage “every cloud has a silver lining” come to mind. Not getting that dream job early in your career, can actually be good for your career, and here’s why. Continue reading Why your dream job doesn’t need to happen right now