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Curtin University becomes Australia’s first 5 Green Star University

On Friday last Week, Curtin University in WA became the first and only 5 Green star University in Australia. Continue reading Curtin University becomes Australia’s first 5 Green Star University

Why Wikipedia isn’t just for winning arguments and last minute reports


Wikepedia is a wonderful tool that most of us have come across in our day to day lives. It is the new information tool of the masses, regulated and edited by the Wikemedia Foundation staff, and society at large. We use it for research and more often than not, to settle arguments – confounding friends and enemies with unbelievable facts and weird wisdom. Continue reading Why Wikipedia isn’t just for winning arguments and last minute reports

Why your dream job doesn’t need to happen right now


When we are young, or just asserting our independence as young adults, most of us envision that dream job, but it is far away, sitting on a pedestal out of reach. So we train, take on further study, and leap headlong into new experiences, hoping to quickly push through the barriers so we can live that dream.

For those of you looking to move into a career in CSR and/or sustainability in Australia, that dream can seem further out of reach; Australia’s sustainability and humanitarian sector is a good decade behind much of the developed world so the early opportunities afforded those in the US and across Europe aren’t as readily available down under.

So you start to lose hope. You take the only job that comes along, and suddenly that dream job seems further away. Where to now?

Well the old adage “every cloud has a silver lining” come to mind. Not getting that dream job early in your career, can actually be good for your career, and here’s why. Continue reading Why your dream job doesn’t need to happen right now

It’s World Food Day today!

World Food Day

Once again TED Talks are here to provide us with innovative ideas and interesting ways to approach the future.

Today is World Food Day and the talks below, discovered in this post from Collectively, show us that there is more to food than what we think about.

Listen to Jamie Oliver teach children about food, Mark Bittman tell us the bad things about our food, or perhaps learn from Louise Fresco about how we can feed the whole world.

If nothing, put your feet up, grab some nosh, and learn about how the world around us eats and lives, and how we can help them do so far into the future!

Why Joe Hockey should think before he speaks

Twice in two days, Joe Hockey has made some weird and wonderful comments. First, his comments to Bill Shorten about the Opposition’s ‘questionable’ support of the ISIL defence efforts:

‘…if Bill Shorten truly is honest about his commitment to deliver bipartisan support in relation to our defence efforts in the Middle East, he will provide bipartisan support to pay for it…’

And now this, regarding ANU’s decision to diminish resources industry investment from their portfolio:

‘…I would suggest they’re removed from the reality of what is helping to drive the Australian economy and create more employment…Sometimes the view looks different from the lofty rooms of a university…’


Oooh look at those nails…Kitty can SCRATCH!!!

Continue reading Why Joe Hockey should think before he speaks

The Forrest Report: Closing The Gap?


In August this year, The Federal government released the Forrest Report, a policy doctrine of sorts delivered by Andrew Forrest to inform Prime Minister Tony Abbot’s approach to indigenous affairs in Australia. The response to the content of this report has been mixed; some hailing it as a comprehensive work that will evolve the place of indigenous Australians in our society, whilst others have called it an ignorant and idealistic document that ignores evidence-based research. Two months on, Sustaining People looks at the impact of Australian business on the indigenous community, and what is being done, and what could be done better. Continue reading The Forrest Report: Closing The Gap?

CSIRO invests $28.8 million in Indigenous Education


“Education is the silver bullet. Education is everything. We don’t need little changes. We need gigantic monumental changes.”

Merely a quote from character Sam Seaborne, of the critically acclaimed US political drama The West Wing, this sentiment nevertheless rings true as the most promising way to lift a society out of the quagmire of poverty and ill-health.

Currently, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) people are severely under-represented in local and private education programs, with only around 10% of aboriginal children graduating from high schools nationally. Research from the last decade shows that ASTI students are often disadvantaged due to language barriers in early conceptual development and a mismatch between cultural beliefs and national education values. Indeed, by the time they start year one, 60% of ATSI children are behind developmentally. Later, at a university level, adjusting to socio-economic challenges in a predominantly non-ATSI student population can prove extremely difficult. Continue reading CSIRO invests $28.8 million in Indigenous Education

Australia’s Green Labour Force: The Next Generation


Just over a week ago, Australia celebrated EnviroWeek 2014, a fantastic community initiative that works with Australian schools to promote sustainable practices. The project was run by Cool Australia, and its CEO Jason Kimberley has a built a real future-focused movement for sustainability education in schools. Since starting the organisation in 2008, Jason and his team have engaged more than 15,000 teachers and 500,000 students across Australia, with  172,732 students from 2137 schools this year taking part in 314,495 local and community projects to promote sustainability and help the environment. Continue reading Australia’s Green Labour Force: The Next Generation

Sydney Swans Might Win Something After All

Goodes O'Laughlin

Sydney Swans might win something after all, but it won’t be on the footy field. In 2009, Premiership veterans Adam Goodes and Michael O’Loughlin launched the Goodes O’Louhglin (GO) Foundation and after going from strength to strength, they are now pertnering with Lend Lease to help young indigenous Australians focus on education and work towards their own brighter future. Lend Lease’s focus on its human capital has ensured that they incorporate a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) into their CSR policies and practices, and partnership with the GO Foundation, they are looking to solidly deliver on that commitment. Continue reading Sydney Swans Might Win Something After All

Professor Sachs & the Case of the Multilateral MOOC’s

For those of you just beginning to nurture an interest in CSR and Sustainability, here is an easy-to-digest 10 minute movie by the renowned Jeffrey Sachs that really hits home. It discusses the relationship between countries, cultures, governments and businesses, and the responsibility they all have to the global community.

Sustaining People is very much a fan of Jeffrey’s work and you can read more about our interaction with him in our previous post For Richer or Poorer. A full speech from Professor Sachs on ‘The Age of Sustainable Development’ from earlier this year can be found on our Videos & Podcasts page. Continue reading Professor Sachs & the Case of the Multilateral MOOC’s