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How your cornflakes are helping Aussie kids

Kellog’s breakfast cereals are well known, and this brand recognition is being leveraged to invest in a health initiative that has already seen food distributed to over seven million people in Australia since the The Breakfasts for Better Days  program was launched in February 2013.

In brief, Kellog’s is donating one breakfast to a child or family in need, for every box of cereal sold. They state that in Australia, one in seven kids don’t eat breakfast, and that this has an effect on important developmental learning and social interactions.  The program has already donated seven million meals, and aims to feed 12 million Aussie children and families by 2016. With only five million more meals to serve in the next two years, it looks like they will meet (or even exceed) their target. This Australian strategy contributes to the global initiative, which is hoping to feed half a billion people by 2016. Continue reading How your cornflakes are helping Aussie kids

Virgin Mobile is cooking with hashtags

“1000 Facebook likes will save this man’s life”. This premise, often the target of many jokes and internet memes is now being realised – except it’s not Likes, it’s #hashtags#.

Virgin Mobile Australia has launched a new campaign using social media to feed the hungry. The campaign is asking social media users to take photos of their food and post it across various platforms labelling it with #mealforameal. For each picture posted, Virgin Mobile – in conjunction with Ozharvest – will provide a meal to someone in need. Continue reading Virgin Mobile is cooking with hashtags