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Why Wikipedia isn’t just for winning arguments and last minute reports


Wikepedia is a wonderful tool that most of us have come across in our day to day lives. It is the new information tool of the masses, regulated and edited by the Wikemedia Foundation staff, and society at large. We use it for research and more often than not, to settle arguments – confounding friends and enemies with unbelievable facts and weird wisdom. Continue reading Why Wikipedia isn’t just for winning arguments and last minute reports

US franchise’s epic short film casts a cold shadow over fast food

There has been a long running ad campaign in the US focused on sustainable farming, called “Food with Integrity”. It has had many variations and used many mediums – from print ads, to online media and tv spots, and now it’s trying something new. Continue reading US franchise’s epic short film casts a cold shadow over fast food

6 websites to inspire & innovate


It’s hard to stay positive in this day and age. With all the ills of the world slapping us in the face from the comfort of our armchairs we can get disillusioned that we can make a difference, and build a brighter and more sustainable future for our children.

Below are six websites/blogs that provide inspiration, and evidence that there are people out there that are questioning the status quo, and making small improvements to their lives – and the lives of those around them. Have a read of these fountains of inspiration, and see how you can develop your world for the better. Continue reading 6 websites to inspire & innovate

Sustaining People expands to Twitter @sustainppl

Twitter Capture

Guess what!?! Sustaining People is now live on Twitter, using the handle @sustainppl.

Whilst we will continue to serve up regular weekly articles and posts about the state of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in Australia, Twitter will give us stronger functionality in linking our readers to events and articles as they happen.

Sustaining People is excited to be expanding its operations as it will allow us to bring you heaps of content in different and more accessible ways. If you would like to follow us search for @sustainppl on Twitter and get plugged in!

Thanks again for all your support readers, Sustaining People will continue to bring you useful and interesting content. If you have any questions and comments, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

How your cornflakes are helping Aussie kids

Kellog’s breakfast cereals are well known, and this brand recognition is being leveraged to invest in a health initiative that has already seen food distributed to over seven million people in Australia since the The Breakfasts for Better Days  program was launched in February 2013.

In brief, Kellog’s is donating one breakfast to a child or family in need, for every box of cereal sold. They state that in Australia, one in seven kids don’t eat breakfast, and that this has an effect on important developmental learning and social interactions.  The program has already donated seven million meals, and aims to feed 12 million Aussie children and families by 2016. With only five million more meals to serve in the next two years, it looks like they will meet (or even exceed) their target. This Australian strategy contributes to the global initiative, which is hoping to feed half a billion people by 2016. Continue reading How your cornflakes are helping Aussie kids

Virgin Mobile is cooking with hashtags

“1000 Facebook likes will save this man’s life”. This premise, often the target of many jokes and internet memes is now being realised – except it’s not Likes, it’s #hashtags#.

Virgin Mobile Australia has launched a new campaign using social media to feed the hungry. The campaign is asking social media users to take photos of their food and post it across various platforms labelling it with #mealforameal. For each picture posted, Virgin Mobile – in conjunction with Ozharvest – will provide a meal to someone in need. Continue reading Virgin Mobile is cooking with hashtags