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Australia’s Green Labour Force: The Next Generation


Just over a week ago, Australia celebrated EnviroWeek 2014, a fantastic community initiative that works with Australian schools to promote sustainable practices. The project was run by Cool Australia, and its CEO Jason Kimberley has a built a real future-focused movement for sustainability education in schools. Since starting the organisation in 2008, Jason and his team have engaged more than 15,000 teachers and 500,000 students across Australia, with  172,732 students from 2137 schools this year taking part in 314,495 local and community projects to promote sustainability and help the environment. Continue reading Australia’s Green Labour Force: The Next Generation

Securing Australia’s Energy Future


Last week Sustaining People attended the United Nations Association of Australia’s Conference on Securing Australia’s Energy Future. Facilitated by Kane Thornton of the Clean Energy Council, Continue reading Securing Australia’s Energy Future

Which country does the most good?

Globalisation is the defining development of our age, one that has brought closer our international neighbours as well as the unfortunate reality of pandemic disease, war, poverty, corruption and environmental denigration.

Given our ability to communicate through various mediums instantaneously, we are still fairly inexperienced in managing coherent action in concert with other international actors. It seems, that in this time of global dependency, national sovereignty is catapulted to the fore, and one means of creating competitive advantage is for countries to invest in international development. Foreign aid is a complex notion and one that allows countries to “do good” whilst at the same time improving reputation and social returns and strengthening diplomatic intergovernmental relations. Continue reading Which country does the most good?

Professor Sachs & the Case of the Multilateral MOOC’s

For those of you just beginning to nurture an interest in CSR and Sustainability, here is an easy-to-digest 10 minute movie by the renowned Jeffrey Sachs that really hits home. It discusses the relationship between countries, cultures, governments and businesses, and the responsibility they all have to the global community.

Sustaining People is very much a fan of Jeffrey’s work and you can read more about our interaction with him in our previous post For Richer or Poorer. A full speech from Professor Sachs on ‘The Age of Sustainable Development’ from earlier this year can be found on our Videos & Podcasts page. Continue reading Professor Sachs & the Case of the Multilateral MOOC’s

Glasgow 2014: Green & Gold

The 2014 Commonwealth Games are well underway in Glasgow, and our green & gold army is at the top of the medal tally, with England not far behind. The real ‘Green-Medal’ winner of these games, however, is the city of Glasgow which has made headlines in the lead up to, and during the games because of its focus on sustainable outcomes. Continue reading Glasgow 2014: Green & Gold

Up, Up and Away

Artist impression of the Phoenix Towers to be built in Wuhan China. The towers  will not only run on clean energy, but will give back to the surrounding ecosystem.
Artist impression of the Phoenix Towers to be built in Wuhan China. The towers will not only run on clean energy, but will give back to the surrounding ecosystem.

Pending official approval, it seems that China is stepping up its commitment to environmental sustainability. Once the Mayor of the city of Wuhan grants approval, development will begin on two towers aimed at being wholly self-sufficient and restoring the wider environment around it.

The architects responsible for the design is UK firm Chetwoods who sees the project as a catalyst for future sustainable development in the region. They are one of many global firms that are working with and mentoring a new class of Chinese industry, hungry to push the boundaries and create exponential social and environmental benefits for its citizens.

If Wuhan officially supports this development, it will be a real commitment to sustainable development, and a cultural shift within the PRC’s regime to focus on providing sustainable futures for its communities. This, in conjunction with increased discussion around air pollution mitigation strategies gives us real hope that the ‘Waking Dragon’ may be looking to temper the heat of its economic flame. See the article after the jump to get the details about these green skyscrapers, which when built, will be the tallest manmade objects in the world.