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BREAKING NEWS: Hunt & Palmer announce climate change deal

Greg Hunt and Clive Palmer announcing climate policy agreement

Just after 5:00pm today, the Abbot Government and the Palmer United Party have announced a deal on Australia’s Climate Change Policy.

In a press conference in Canberra this afternoon, Federal Environment Minster Greg Hunt, Palmer United Party leader Clive Palmer and Bernie Fraser have announced the newly brokered deal on policy to lead Australia forward on Climate Change, setting up milestones for at least the next 18 months. Here is what you need to know. Continue reading BREAKING NEWS: Hunt & Palmer announce climate change deal

6 green innovations that make the world a better place

Last week, Sustaining People looked at 6 websites to inspire and innovate, so this week we thought we would turn our eye to green technology around the world that does the same thing, but also has the potential to sustain. Some of these inventions are operational, others are dreams that are slowly being realised. Some look as though they belong in a sci-fi movie. Take this first one for instance…

1. Altareos Energies


Altareos Energies is a really exciting wind power tech company that provides us with an alternative to current grounded wind turbines. Groups opposed to windfarms say they are an eyesore and affect birdlife, but the Altareos Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT) integrates ‘proven aerospace and wind turbine technology’ to create a floating power generator that can take advantage of the stronger and steadier winds that flow at altitudes over 300m (1000 feet). Continue reading 6 green innovations that make the world a better place

The real cost of fossil fuel subsidies


Two weeks ago, the Perth Diocese announced it would divest its fossil fuel investments, and last week its Canberra counterparts did the same. This week the Melbourne Diocese has followed suit, resolving to take “all reasonable steps” to divest its stake in corporations whose revenues from fossil fuel extraction or production exceed 20 per cent of their total revenue.

At their annual 800 person strong General Synod (akin to an AGM), Professor Kate Rigby, Chair of Monash University’s Environmental & Humanities Department spoke about the changes to the energy paradigm in the present day. “While coal might have been cheaper [than renewable energy], this is only because its environmental impacts have not been factored into costing and because coal and other fossil fuel industries receive massive government subsidies.”

According to Environment Victoria, the Australian Federal Government spends approximately $10 billion per year on handouts (subsidies, tax breaks, infrastructure and cash) to the larger fossil fuel polluters. Continue reading The real cost of fossil fuel subsidies

It’s World Food Day today!

World Food Day

Once again TED Talks are here to provide us with innovative ideas and interesting ways to approach the future.

Today is World Food Day and the talks below, discovered in this post from Collectively, show us that there is more to food than what we think about.

Listen to Jamie Oliver teach children about food, Mark Bittman tell us the bad things about our food, or perhaps learn from Louise Fresco about how we can feed the whole world.

If nothing, put your feet up, grab some nosh, and learn about how the world around us eats and lives, and how we can help them do so far into the future!

6 websites to inspire & innovate


It’s hard to stay positive in this day and age. With all the ills of the world slapping us in the face from the comfort of our armchairs we can get disillusioned that we can make a difference, and build a brighter and more sustainable future for our children.

Below are six websites/blogs that provide inspiration, and evidence that there are people out there that are questioning the status quo, and making small improvements to their lives – and the lives of those around them. Have a read of these fountains of inspiration, and see how you can develop your world for the better. Continue reading 6 websites to inspire & innovate

TEDXPerth 2014 in review


Saturday 4th October at the Perth Concert Hall played host to the TEDXPerth 2014 event, which Sustaining People discussed a short while ago. Hamish Jolly (pictured above) was a crowd favourite for the day, with a particularly relevant talk about biomimicry and his shark-repellant wetsuit. The clear stand out for us, however, was Ernesto Sirolli, although Peter Newman and Adam Johnson presented some thought provoking ideas. Continue reading TEDXPerth 2014 in review

Why Joe Hockey should think before he speaks

Twice in two days, Joe Hockey has made some weird and wonderful comments. First, his comments to Bill Shorten about the Opposition’s ‘questionable’ support of the ISIL defence efforts:

‘…if Bill Shorten truly is honest about his commitment to deliver bipartisan support in relation to our defence efforts in the Middle East, he will provide bipartisan support to pay for it…’

And now this, regarding ANU’s decision to diminish resources industry investment from their portfolio:

‘…I would suggest they’re removed from the reality of what is helping to drive the Australian economy and create more employment…Sometimes the view looks different from the lofty rooms of a university…’


Oooh look at those nails…Kitty can SCRATCH!!!

Continue reading Why Joe Hockey should think before he speaks

The Forrest Report: Closing The Gap?


In August this year, The Federal government released the Forrest Report, a policy doctrine of sorts delivered by Andrew Forrest to inform Prime Minister Tony Abbot’s approach to indigenous affairs in Australia. The response to the content of this report has been mixed; some hailing it as a comprehensive work that will evolve the place of indigenous Australians in our society, whilst others have called it an ignorant and idealistic document that ignores evidence-based research. Two months on, Sustaining People looks at the impact of Australian business on the indigenous community, and what is being done, and what could be done better. Continue reading The Forrest Report: Closing The Gap?

Energy Quality vs Quantity: Why coal is restraining our economy

An actuarial study just released by the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) reports that moving away from fossil fuel investments “could cost a 45-year-old almost $58,000 in lost retirement savings“. In recent months, many institutional investors have announced a move away from coal investments in favour of clean energy portfolios, and it seems that the Minerals Council and its Chief Executive Brendan Pearson are using this report to continue the onslaught against a culture of change and sustainable development. Continue reading Energy Quality vs Quantity: Why coal is restraining our economy

TEDXPerth 2014 is coming this Saturday!


TEDXPerth 2014 is coming this weekend!

The local TED Talk event for 2014 is happening this Saturday 4th October at the Perth Concert Hall, but unfortunately tickets are all sold out. You might get lucky and score on from the TED Perth Facebook page, as that seems to be the place to grab unwanted tickets. You can also get updates on the TEDPerth Twitter page.

If you aren’t able to do that, you can still catch all the action at Northbridge Piazza (Cnr James &, Lake St), where there will be a live broadcast of the event, starting from 9:30am this Saturday. Continue reading TEDXPerth 2014 is coming this Saturday!