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Sustaining People Expands & DIY Sustainability

Sustaining People has put together some more resources for readers to assist in making changes to their operations. The Videos & Podcasts page will have discussions by prominent experts from around the world about Sustainable Development and the state of CSR in our world, and the Resources & Tools page will have a number of documents to inform and assist you in changing the world around you. Look forward to your suggestions and comments!!!


In conversation a few days ago, a friend was excitedly discussing how his proposal to move to a paperless client updating system was being considered at the higher levels of his company – a national organisation. This initiative was designed to generate operational savings and increase client engagement, but if instituted it would allow for sustainable returns to the company; going paperless would cut down the organisation’s carbon footprint. Enabling sustainability as a function of competitive strategy is the key to long term progressive development. Continue reading Sustaining People Expands & DIY Sustainability

Glasgow 2014: Green & Gold

The 2014 Commonwealth Games are well underway in Glasgow, and our green & gold army is at the top of the medal tally, with England not far behind. The real ‘Green-Medal’ winner of these games, however, is the city of Glasgow which has made headlines in the lead up to, and during the games because of its focus on sustainable outcomes. Continue reading Glasgow 2014: Green & Gold

Ethical Investing for Dummies

Ethical InvestingIn recent years there has been a growing need for accountability outside the realms of financial performance of ASX-listed entities. Individual and institutional investors have grown wise to a global focus on sustainability; they are looking for disclosure of, and action on environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk. Continue reading Ethical Investing for Dummies

27 Beautiful Résumé Designs You’ll Want To Steal

27 Resumes

Companies with a strong sustainability message and CSR program allow employees to make an impact on the world around them.  The ability to make a difference is becoming increasingly important to the younger generations about to enter the workforce. If they want to be professionally desirable and stand out as one of the new breed of Sustainable People, they need to showcase their talent, and the best way to do this is through an eye-catching résumé. Continue reading 27 Beautiful Résumé Designs You’ll Want To Steal

Up, Up and Away

Artist impression of the Phoenix Towers to be built in Wuhan China. The towers  will not only run on clean energy, but will give back to the surrounding ecosystem.
Artist impression of the Phoenix Towers to be built in Wuhan China. The towers will not only run on clean energy, but will give back to the surrounding ecosystem.

Pending official approval, it seems that China is stepping up its commitment to environmental sustainability. Once the Mayor of the city of Wuhan grants approval, development will begin on two towers aimed at being wholly self-sufficient and restoring the wider environment around it.

The architects responsible for the design is UK firm Chetwoods who sees the project as a catalyst for future sustainable development in the region. They are one of many global firms that are working with and mentoring a new class of Chinese industry, hungry to push the boundaries and create exponential social and environmental benefits for its citizens.

If Wuhan officially supports this development, it will be a real commitment to sustainable development, and a cultural shift within the PRC’s regime to focus on providing sustainable futures for its communities. This, in conjunction with increased discussion around air pollution mitigation strategies gives us real hope that the ‘Waking Dragon’ may be looking to temper the heat of its economic flame. See the article after the jump to get the details about these green skyscrapers, which when built, will be the tallest manmade objects in the world.

Virgin Mobile is cooking with hashtags

“1000 Facebook likes will save this man’s life”. This premise, often the target of many jokes and internet memes is now being realised – except it’s not Likes, it’s #hashtags#.

Virgin Mobile Australia has launched a new campaign using social media to feed the hungry. The campaign is asking social media users to take photos of their food and post it across various platforms labelling it with #mealforameal. For each picture posted, Virgin Mobile – in conjunction with Ozharvest – will provide a meal to someone in need. Continue reading Virgin Mobile is cooking with hashtags

Dial T for Telstra

The regional phone booth: a stark reminder of the influential role Telstra has played in shaping contemporary Australia.
The regional phone booth: a stark reminder of the influential role Telstra has played in shaping contemporary Australia.

Telstra is famous for providing Australia’s most expansive regional telecommunications coverage, as well as being infamous for providing us access to some of the more frustrating overseas call centres. Behind the scenes however, a different tale is being written.

In 2011, Telstra did something drastic that affected the future of their global operations: they became a signatory to the UN Global Compact (UNGC). We might ask about the reasons for making this commitment as there was certainly no legal or financial obligation to do so. It seems more likely that there was a tipping point at an executive level, underscoring a desire to create a more sustainable way of doing business. Continue reading Dial T for Telstra

For Richer or Poorer

Jeffrey Sachs

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending an address given by one of the great minds of our age, Professor Jeffrey Sachs, for Curtin University’s Sustainability Policy Institute (CUSP). Continue reading For Richer or Poorer

Defining the importance of CSR

Ethical Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility is a very fluid term that conjures up so many different images, and it seems hard to confine it within the constraints of a simple definition. Continue reading Defining the importance of CSR

In the Beginning…

In the beginning

This is the introductory post for a new blog exploring the growing world of sustainability within human resources. Over the coming posts I hope to share insights from around the world about the role that sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) plays in the corporate HR space. Continue reading In the Beginning…