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OMG it’s Givematcher!

Despite the exciting title this isn’t a piece about Gen Y babies or Millenials making wild exclamations (OMG Oh My God!). Instead it’s a chance for us to take a look at something that is changing the way that companies are practicing philanthropy – Open Matched Giving (OMG).

Financial giving  and philanthropy is one of the most recognisable features of an organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility program. Companies can get their employees to volunteer, or base internal processes on a social ROI, however “Company X donates $10 million to charity” always makes the headlines and good spin can be added to the story at no extra cost. One aspect of corporate philanthropy is Continue reading OMG it’s Givematcher!

Securing Australia’s Energy Future


Last week Sustaining People attended the United Nations Association of Australia’s Conference on Securing Australia’s Energy Future. Facilitated by Kane Thornton of the Clean Energy Council, Continue reading Securing Australia’s Energy Future

Which country does the most good?

Globalisation is the defining development of our age, one that has brought closer our international neighbours as well as the unfortunate reality of pandemic disease, war, poverty, corruption and environmental denigration.

Given our ability to communicate through various mediums instantaneously, we are still fairly inexperienced in managing coherent action in concert with other international actors. It seems, that in this time of global dependency, national sovereignty is catapulted to the fore, and one means of creating competitive advantage is for countries to invest in international development. Foreign aid is a complex notion and one that allows countries to “do good” whilst at the same time improving reputation and social returns and strengthening diplomatic intergovernmental relations. Continue reading Which country does the most good?

Please Sir, may I have some more?



More? MORE?? Sometimes we feel like Oliver Twist, asking for that extra bit of funding to get our CSR programs breathing again.

Pro Bono Australia just recently published a story that looks at how CSR can work and grow on a small budget, and with limited non-financial resources. The story follows an interview with Melissa le Mesurier, the head of CSR for Superpartners, which is Australia’s largest  Continue reading Please Sir, may I have some more?

Redesigning the ‘Bamboo Ceiling’

JFK Quote

JFK got it right when he spoke those immortalised words, signifying that diversity should be a way of celebrating similarities and using cultural differences to build a brighter future for the global community. Of course he was talking about banning nuclear weapons, but the sentiment is one that translates well into our contemporary setting. Diversity is now more than ever, an important rhetoric to shape the way that Australians do business now and in the future.

A new report released by the Diversity Council of Australia (DCA)  states that people of Asian descent are not being represented fairly or equally in the workplace. The Australian Bureau of Statistics Index of Australian Social Trends records that 9.6% of the Australian population comes from East, Central or Southern Asia; the DCA’s new Cracking the Cultural Ceiling Report launched yesterday in Sydney reveals that Continue reading Redesigning the ‘Bamboo Ceiling’

TED Talks About Sustainable Investment

In Sustaining People’s previous post Ethical Investment for Dummies, we discussed the role that ESG factors play in investment decisions, and the opportunities that can arise out of mitigating environmental, social and governance risk. Our daily snoop around the internet has taken us into the fascinating world of TED Talks, and Continue reading TED Talks About Sustainable Investment

Sydney Swans Might Win Something After All

Goodes O'Laughlin

Sydney Swans might win something after all, but it won’t be on the footy field. In 2009, Premiership veterans Adam Goodes and Michael O’Loughlin launched the Goodes O’Louhglin (GO) Foundation and after going from strength to strength, they are now pertnering with Lend Lease to help young indigenous Australians focus on education and work towards their own brighter future. Lend Lease’s focus on its human capital has ensured that they incorporate a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) into their CSR policies and practices, and partnership with the GO Foundation, they are looking to solidly deliver on that commitment. Continue reading Sydney Swans Might Win Something After All

Sustaining People Expands & DIY Sustainability

Sustaining People has put together some more resources for readers to assist in making changes to their operations. The Videos & Podcasts page will have discussions by prominent experts from around the world about Sustainable Development and the state of CSR in our world, and the Resources & Tools page will have a number of documents to inform and assist you in changing the world around you. Look forward to your suggestions and comments!!!


In conversation a few days ago, a friend was excitedly discussing how his proposal to move to a paperless client updating system was being considered at the higher levels of his company – a national organisation. This initiative was designed to generate operational savings and increase client engagement, but if instituted it would allow for sustainable returns to the company; going paperless would cut down the organisation’s carbon footprint. Enabling sustainability as a function of competitive strategy is the key to long term progressive development. Continue reading Sustaining People Expands & DIY Sustainability

Professor Sachs & the Case of the Multilateral MOOC’s

For those of you just beginning to nurture an interest in CSR and Sustainability, here is an easy-to-digest 10 minute movie by the renowned Jeffrey Sachs that really hits home. It discusses the relationship between countries, cultures, governments and businesses, and the responsibility they all have to the global community.

Sustaining People is very much a fan of Jeffrey’s work and you can read more about our interaction with him in our previous post For Richer or Poorer. A full speech from Professor Sachs on ‘The Age of Sustainable Development’ from earlier this year can be found on our Videos & Podcasts page. Continue reading Professor Sachs & the Case of the Multilateral MOOC’s

Glasgow 2014: Green & Gold

The 2014 Commonwealth Games are well underway in Glasgow, and our green & gold army is at the top of the medal tally, with England not far behind. The real ‘Green-Medal’ winner of these games, however, is the city of Glasgow which has made headlines in the lead up to, and during the games because of its focus on sustainable outcomes. Continue reading Glasgow 2014: Green & Gold