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What is socially responsible, 315m long, and very, very wet?


What a good looking question! What IS socially responsible, 315m long, and very, very wet? How about a giant waterslide set up in the very centre of the Perth CBD for one day, with bars, food stalls, music and entertainment? YES PLEASE! Continue reading What is socially responsible, 315m long, and very, very wet?

Is Perth’s urban sprawl holding WA back?

Let us in – a sustainable future awaits!! Please? It’s cold out here…..

Perth isn’t known for its inner-city living – much the opposite in fact. Perth is home to one of the world’s largest  urban sprawls, stretching from Mandurah in the south, up to Yanchep in the north; the entire western corridor of the Perth metropolitan area has been developed so that every man woman and child (and their dog’s cousin) can have a full plot of land with a house, a garage, and room for the kids to run around. It’s the Australian dream, and certainly the one that us West Australians have grown up with as our inheritance.

There is just one problem: It’s not sustainable. Continue reading Is Perth’s urban sprawl holding WA back?

International Cricket Council leads the pitch on CSR

cricket world cup broadcasters 2015.jpg  620×465

Next year, we will all be lucky enough to partake in one of cricket’s premier events, the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand. Like the Olympics the World Cup is held every four years, and we are super excited about the opportunity to add a fifth Australian World Cup win to our tally. Continue reading International Cricket Council leads the pitch on CSR

Why your dream job doesn’t need to happen right now


When we are young, or just asserting our independence as young adults, most of us envision that dream job, but it is far away, sitting on a pedestal out of reach. So we train, take on further study, and leap headlong into new experiences, hoping to quickly push through the barriers so we can live that dream.

For those of you looking to move into a career in CSR and/or sustainability in Australia, that dream can seem further out of reach; Australia’s sustainability and humanitarian sector is a good decade behind much of the developed world so the early opportunities afforded those in the US and across Europe aren’t as readily available down under.

So you start to lose hope. You take the only job that comes along, and suddenly that dream job seems further away. Where to now?

Well the old adage “every cloud has a silver lining” come to mind. Not getting that dream job early in your career, can actually be good for your career, and here’s why. Continue reading Why your dream job doesn’t need to happen right now

Samsung Sings about Sustainability

It’s been a long and serious week, and SustainingPeople wants to give you a global giggle to get you ready for the weekend.

Samsung US has just released its latest Sustainability report, and to make the salient points easier to digest, the tech giant decided to rap about it, employing the services of renowned (not really) US born/Korean raised rapper, Mad Clown.

Continue reading Samsung Sings about Sustainability

Direct Giving is the new philanthropy

Philanthropy is a fantastic idea, and in the hands of the mega-rich it can do some pretty amazing things. Unfortunately, sometimes the money doesn’t go where you think it goes with fundraising costs around the world swallowing up large portions of our lovingly donated cash. Research from last year suggests that the top 15 Australian charities (by income), were spending between 5% and 40% of donations on campaign costs.

2013 Charities Continue reading Direct Giving is the new philanthropy

Leonardo DiCaprio’s new movies stir up a storm


If you haven’t already seen it, here’s a series of new films narrated by Leonardo Di Caprio. We all saw him speak at the UN Climate Summit in September this year, as a UN Messenger of Peace, however Leo has been busy doing much more to change the hearts and minds of people everywhere. His own not-for-profit, the Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation has been protecting Earth’s last wild places and implementing solutions that create a harmonious relationship between humanity and the natural world” since 1998. Continue reading Leonardo DiCaprio’s new movies stir up a storm

GIVIT Kids to school Queensland youth in philanthropy

A new online giving platform aimed at children is to be launched in schools across Queensland and is set to make big waves in local communities.

GIVIT Kids is a philanthropy program designed to, with parental guidance, encourage children to anonymously donate to other Australian families who are in need. With support from the Queensland Department of Education, Training & Employment, the program will be rolled out in local schools, with a number of Brisbane schools signing up to become part of the GIVIT Kids Community. Continue reading GIVIT Kids to school Queensland youth in philanthropy

6 websites to inspire & innovate


It’s hard to stay positive in this day and age. With all the ills of the world slapping us in the face from the comfort of our armchairs we can get disillusioned that we can make a difference, and build a brighter and more sustainable future for our children.

Below are six websites/blogs that provide inspiration, and evidence that there are people out there that are questioning the status quo, and making small improvements to their lives – and the lives of those around them. Have a read of these fountains of inspiration, and see how you can develop your world for the better. Continue reading 6 websites to inspire & innovate

The Forrest Report: Closing The Gap?


In August this year, The Federal government released the Forrest Report, a policy doctrine of sorts delivered by Andrew Forrest to inform Prime Minister Tony Abbot’s approach to indigenous affairs in Australia. The response to the content of this report has been mixed; some hailing it as a comprehensive work that will evolve the place of indigenous Australians in our society, whilst others have called it an ignorant and idealistic document that ignores evidence-based research. Two months on, Sustaining People looks at the impact of Australian business on the indigenous community, and what is being done, and what could be done better. Continue reading The Forrest Report: Closing The Gap?